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Dell DataSafe Recovery

Do you have a corrupted Dell DataSafe Backup?
Maybe you have probably already scoured the Internet, paid someone to recover your drive, spent hours on the phone with Dell, and maybe even given up on ever getting your data back.
Well, we have some good news for you!
We have a Dell DataSafe Corruption guru on staff. Typically, we can recover 99% of your corrupted backup.
Even the high priced "Clean Room" Data Recovery centers that charge thousands of dollars won't be able to help you with a corrupted backup - they only deal with physical hard drives that have problems!
We guarantee we will recover your data or there is no charge outside of shipping. Our pricing is fair and easy.
Standard Service $295.00 *
Expedited Service $495.00 *
Overnight Service $695.00 *
*Prices do not include shipping and handling


Just copy your backup to an external drive and send it to us. Put it in a box with 2 Inches of foam or bubble wrap around all sides or in its original box. We will recover the data and put it on the same drive. If the drive doesn't have enough room, then we will delete the backup files to make room. That, and the possibility of something happening during shipping is why it is very important that you make a copy of your backup files!

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